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PWP Items Nos. 843TH and 720TH
Widening of Tolo Highway / Fanling Highway between Island House Interchange and Fanling
Environmental Monitoring and Audit


This Project comprises two stages:

Stage 1 - Island House Interchange to Tai Hang; and

Stage 2 - Tai Hang to Wo Hop Shek Interchange.



Project Objective :

The widening works are proposed to alleviate the traffic congestion problem on the Tolo Highway and Fanling Highway.



Project Description:

  1. widening of an approximately 5.7-kilometre long section of Tolo Highway and an approximately 3-kilometre long section of Fanling Highway between Island House Interchange and Wo Hop Shek Interchange from dual 3-lane to dual 4-lane;
  1. widening of the interchange sections at Island House Interchange, Tai Po North Interchange and Lam Kam Road Interchange from dual 2-lane to dual 3-lane, and the southbound carriageway at Tai Po North Interchange from 2-lane to 4-lane, including realignment of various slip roads;
  1. widening of the southbound slip road at Wo Hop Shek Interchange;
  2. realignment of Tai Wo Service Road West from Wai Tau to Nam Wa Po;
  3. realignment of Tai Wo Service Road East from Kiu Tau to Tong Hang Tung;
  4. modification and reconstruction of the vehicular bridges, at-grade carriageways, subway and footbridges intersecting the highways;
  1. construction of vehicular bridges, access tracks, footpaths and cycle tracks;
  2. ancillary works including drainage, geotechnical and landscaping works; construction of water-mains; installation of fire hydrants; construction of noise barriers and retaining walls; and installation of traffic control and surveillance system.